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Creating an Alert

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This tech-note explains how to set up up alerts in Insights. Alerts notify users when their devices or sensors are in an alarmed state.
1. Log in to your Insights account.

2. From the Devices tab, choose Device List.

3. Locate the appropriate device, and click Alerts.

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4. On the Alerts for <’device name’> screen, click Add New Sensor Alert or Add New Device Alert. Sensor alerts are specific to sensor probes or built-in sensors in ZPoint nodes. Device alerts are specific to a device, such as missed reports (in which the device wasn’t able to communicate with the cloud) and power alerts.

*Note: To edit existing alerts, click Edit. Alerts can also be disabled and enabled on this screen.

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5. In the Alert Name field, type a name for the alert.

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6. Define specific parameters for the new alert, then click Save Alert. Your new alert displays in the Alerts for <’device name’> list.



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