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Device will not register to Insights/Sensor Cloud

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Sometimes a WiFi Device will not register to Insights. This guide provides some common reasons for this issue.

Creating a Free Account Not Working
This feature is no longer functional. Please call to have a plan created for you. Alternatively you can use developer mode instead for the WiFi 350.
Sales is available at 866-524-3540 from 9AM - 5PM EST, and via email at sales@tempalert.com.

Customer Insights Plan Limit
Insights only allows customer's who are on the free plan to have one device and one user on their account. In order to remedy this issue, customers will either need to create an additional account or contact us to upgrade your plan.
Previously Registered Device
  • Often times customers may have a WiFi device that may have been registered and connected to another account. We advise that customers do not delete the device as it still remains tied to the account. Please contact us instead and have the Device ID number on hand.
  • In order to locate the Device ID number for the WiFi device, customers should access the Developer Mode Console ( WiFi Developer Mode Video), and navigate to the "Alarm Settings" Tab.
  • In the "Use Insights" dropdown box select "Yes", and the device ID number should appear.
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