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Extending The Length Of The Sensor Cable

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The default cable length that ships with the device is 6', but lengths up to 200' are available.  Using a longer cable can serve a variety of purposes.  It allows one device to cover multiple areas or units that may be far apart from each other.  For devices that are having signal issues, a longer cable can be used to get the device closer to an area with better signal strength.


If you decide to extend the cable yourself, you can use a coupler to extend the sensor.  Any splicing will void the warranty.  The maximum tested cable length is 200 feet.

Z-Point Wireless Nodes

Z-Point nodes are an alternative to expanding sensor cable length.  The node is a wireless sensor that functions without a cellular connection.  It connects to our Cellular device, using it as a gateway to the internet.  It also has a longer range than our cables.  More info about this device can be found on the Product Page.



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