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RMA Procedure

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All hardware comes with a 1 year warranty.  If your equipment is still covered under warranty, a support specialist may issue you an RMA to return your device for repairs or replacement. 

*All Temp Alert product returns require a unique Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, whether the return reason is for warranty or non-warranty repair, upgrade, damage or any other type.
*Return shipments without a unique RMA number will not be processed.
To request a RMA number, contact support by emailing support@tempalert.com.  Support will then provide your unique number after verifying a RMA is required. 
RMA Requirements

 The following information is required when a RMA number is requested:
 1. Original order number and date 
 2. Product model and device ID of product to be returned 
 3. Reason for return (All returns must be authorized by a support specialist) 
 4. Contact name, return address, and telephone number.

If under warranty, the customer will be emailed a return label.  
If the product is not under warranty or international, the customer is responsible for all return shipment costs to Temp Alert, including clearance charges, associated duties and taxes; unless otherwise noted. 

Warranty repaired units will be returned to customer by 2 Day at Temp Alert's expense, only within the continental USA. In all other regions and countries the customer is responsible for all shipment costs, clearance charges, associated duties and taxes. Please supply your preferred courier name and account information if you would like to ship on your account. 
A cross-ship product exchange service is available for customers who own product which is now defective or require service as a result of discrepancies in shipping or manufacturing by Temp Alert. This service may be extended for warranty repairs, however it is not in any way part of the standard warranty.  
RMA Time Condition and Abandonment Policy:
The customer has to take action once the RMA has been approved and issued. After 30 days the RMA will be considered null and void. The customer is responsible for returning the failed unit to Temp Alert within 30 days of receipt of the cross-ship replacement or the customer will be charged the full retail price of the replacement product.  
 If a product is sent without a RMA number or a RMA repair has gone unpaid for 90 days the product will be considered abandoned and will be deposed of.



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