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Sending Alerts to Multiple Recipients

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This technote explains how to send alerts to multiple recipients.

1. Log in to your Sensor Cloud account, then locate the device for which you want to create or edit an alert.
2. Click Alerts.
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3. The Alerts For <device name> list displays.

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4. To create a new alert, click Add New Sensor Alert. To edit an existing alert, click Edit.

5. To add multiple recipients to an alert, scroll down to the Notification Alerts area.

6. If this is a new alert, type contact information for the first recipient in the Send Alert to field.

7. To add additional recipients, click Add Another Notification and type the recipient’s contact information in the fields provided.

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8. Click Save Alert.
Note: The number of notifications you can create is determined by your plan. Please contact customer support to find out how many alert recipients your plan includes



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