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Updating Firmware

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The latest firmware version should always be used to ensure the best functionality and reliability from your device. New firmware versions will be released for quite some time after the launch of a product. Be sure to check your product download page to ensure your device stays up to date. Updating firmware is a simple process which will be explained here in full detail.
  1. Check the version of firmware currently running on your WiFi device via the Developer Mode Console ( interface

    User-added image
  2. Download the appropriate latest version from our downloads section based on your model: WiFi Firmware Downloads (at the time of this writing, 8.05 is the latest version)
  3. Navigate to your devices interface via a direct PC connection via or by browsing to the devices assigned IP address on the network
  4. Click "Switch to Developer Mode"

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  5. Select the "Help" tab and click "Upgrade Firmware"

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  6. Click on "Choose File" and select the file previously downloaded.
  7. After the file has been selected, click "Upgrade Firmware Now"

    User-added image
  8. The upgrade process takes approximately 3-5 minutes and your device will reboot twice.
  9. Do not power off the device during the flashing process - this may render the device inoperable
  10. After the flashing is complete, you will see all lights being to flash and then go solid one by one
  11. To verify a successful update, repeat step 1 to view your new Firmware Version under the "Help" tab.



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