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Z-Point Troubleshooting Guide

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The blinking LED lights can be used to diagnose any problems that may occur on your Z-Point Wireless Node. Using the following chart, you can identify and solve issues.

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Status Light Double Blink

The unit is working and reports are transmitting, but there is a weak signal. Devices may operate fine or may miss reports at this signal strength. If you are missing many reports, the units will need to establish a better connection. This can be accomplished by moving the Node and Gateway closer or removing obstructions between the two units.

Information Double Blink

The batteries on your unit are getting low. Replace the two AA batteries to avoid potential interruption of reporting. Be sure to use the same batteries - Energizer Advanced Lithium to ensure operational longevity. These batteries last 2 - 5 years depending on report frequency and signal strength.

Failure Light Signal Blink

Your Node was likely not registered to your account. Without being registered the device won't be allowed to communicate. You will have to call us at 866-524-3540 ext 2 or Contact Us.

Double Blink Failure Light

The Node can't find the Gateway. The units may be too far apart or have obstructions blocking the signal. Please try using Signal Finder Mode to find where a connection is possible.

All Three Lights Turn On and then Off without Pressing Anything

If you ever see this happen it could the result of condensation on the board. If inside a freezer please remove the device to allow it to dry. This can be prevented by using a 100% sealed FDA bag with desiccant. If the device still has issue after drying please contact support.

No Lights Turn On

The battery may have discharged. Try replacing them with 2 Energizer Advanced Lithium AA batteries



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